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What makes us fly?
Some people dance, some lift weights,
some have a pet and others just imagination.

Die unglaubliche Leichtigkeit des Heinz/
the incredible lightness of Heinz

year 2009
technique drawings / 2D AfterEffects
duration 2min 40sec

Idea, Design & Animation: Lennart Langanki
Music & Sound: Lennart Langanki
Voices: Sarah Eiselt, Richard Stickel, Björn Hinze

Prof. Almut Schneider (HAW Hamburg)
Vladimir Leščiov

10/2009 Filmfest Wismar
10/2009 »Golden Toaster« Student Filmfestival Rostock (1.price of the jury)
11/2009 Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck
03/2010 MONSTRA Animated Film Festival, Lisbon
04/2010 Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, Potsdam
05/2010 FiSH Filmfest im Stadthafen, Rostock


This summer in cinemas all over the world!



A small introduction to the different characters:


girl in a bubble


in a hurry


sniffing dog






the biggest group scene untill now:



Scetches for more characters and scenes for the chain-reaction-like plot...
but they didn't make it into the movie